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September 2010 Minutes

Virginia Racing Commission


September 28, 2010


In Attendance
Commission Members:
Peter C. Burnett, Chairman
Mark Brown
David Reynolds
Stuart Siegel

Commission Staff:
Victor I. Harrison, Executive Secretary
David S. Lermond, Jr., Deputy Executive Secretary
Kimberly M. Carter, Office Administrator
C. Richard Harden, DVM, Equine Medical Director

Attorney General’s Office:
Amy K. Dilworth

At 11:08 a.m., the regular monthly meeting of the Commission was called to order by Chairman Burnett.

Minutes of the August 24, 2010 VRC meeting were approved as corrected. The motion carried; four for, none opposed.

Chairman Burnett thanked Glenn Petty and the VTA for the prescreening of the movie, “Secretariat.”

During the Executive Secretary’s report, Mr. Harrison introduced George Hickman as Presiding Judge of the 2010 Harness meet.

Executive Secretary Harrison said it is not too early to begin considering the issue of 2011 race dates. The Chairman asked the stakeholders to think seriously about the issue prior to the October monthly meeting of the VRC with the hope that they would have a suggested race date request deadline at that meeting. Discussion followed regarding Internet Cafes. Chairman Burnett asked Mr. Harrison to get together with the Assistant Attorney General to create a VRC response on Internet Cafes and the possible formation of a committee for that purpose.

Mr. Harrison drew the Commission’s attention to the extension of Satellite Wagering Facility operating hours, especially on Sundays.

During the Stakeholders report and with respect to the condition of the backstretch at the opening of the harness meet, VHHA President, Dr. Dunavant complained that Colonial Downs fell short of being ready for the horsemen in areas including the grooming of the grounds, opening of the track kitchen, the removal of trash, cleaning of dorm rooms, and the cleaning of the dorm bathrooms. Dr. Dunavant also addressed the issue of training without an ambulance and the related safety issue of jogging on the horse path. The bulk of the discussion focused on training/jogging on the horse path after the main track is closed for training for the day.

There was a discussion on the legality of the VA operation of an offshore wagering platform: Allegedly, they are marketing to VA bettors and are allowing VA bettors to open wagering accounts. As required by the Virginia Code, the Executive Secretary will compose and send a letter to the AG’s office and the Superintendent of State Police. The Chairman pointed out that the rebates offered by may comprise, in large part, the appeal of wagering on that website. The Chairman suggested that the commission seek advice of counsel on the availability of additional measures to combat illegal wagering platforms in Virginia.

Race track counsel, Jim Weinberg spoke to the issue of the placement of EZHP terminals and kiosks in public locations situated in counties and municipalities that have not passed an enabling referendum. At issue is a request by the Commonwealth Attorney in Newport News for input, specifically a “permission letter”, from the VRC on the proposed operation of an EZHP location in Newport News. The Chairman suggested that the commission seek advice of counsel on an appropriate response.

There being no further business, Tuesday, October 26, 2010 was set as the date of the next meeting to be held at the Horsemen’s Building, Colonial Downs, 10700 Horsemen’s Road, New Kent, VA.

It was moved, seconded, and carried to adjourn the September, 2010, monthly meeting of the Commission.


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